Tips For Younger Men Dating Older Women

Would you like to date an older woman? You're not alone: ​​Many men seek out cougars or just feel more comfortable with older women. 

Older women, on the other hand, tend to feel more comfortable because they have more life experience. here are some tips for dating older woman ;

1 Don't waste time

Older women are more than volatile men who cancel at the last minute, don't show up on time, and take three days to respond to texts. 

Live your life, until you are in a serious relationship, your life right now should be more important than someone you just met, but don't stop. 

Just fill your life with experiences that are interesting enough that you don't sit on your phone all day waiting for the next text.

Women want a man who puts himself first, not a man who plays games. They want men who know what they want and will get it.

2 Develop true confidence

Dating Older Women

When we are young, we tend to confuse ego with self-confidence. True confidence comes from knowing that you can handle anything life throws at you. 

Confidence means that you dare to achieve what you want because you know that even if you fail, you will succeed. Confidence also means feeling comfortable in your own skin, because you act honestly: you stay true to his ideals.

Ego beliefs on both sides think your worth is how much money you make, how many women you've slept with, etc. Basically, your confidence is based solely on achievement.

Confidence is sexy and older women often know the difference between self-confidence and true self-confidence.

3 Be clear about your expectations

Be on the lookout for what they're looking for: a casual relationship, a relationship, or whatever. No hidden intentions.

4 Learn to say what you think with respect

The older the women, the less bullshit they get. They also know that there will be differences of opinion on all issues. So learn to communicate respectfully: speak your truth without guilt and take responsibility for your own emotions.

Irritability, impulsiveness, and passive-aggressive behavior are signs of immaturity.

5 Show kindness

Older women have seen enough in life to appreciate the good. This could be to see how you treat other people around you, as well as the women you are dating. Little things like pouring a cup of tea or preparing a meal after a long day.

There are many people who are not good. So the older you get, the more you value those who exist.

6 Don't make her your mother

She can be kind and caring and knows how to prepare a proper meal, but she won't do the dishes or do the dishes unless you do the same for him. And although he may teach you in some way, he will not be responsible for you. 

She wants a man who is independent and can live her own life. In short, don't get addicted to the women you see dating.

7 Learn to flirt and show genuine interest

Dating Mature Ladies

Temptation is sexy. "Hey, do you want to come with me?" Learn to flirt while having fun. The guy who can balance genuine interest with asking interesting questions about meeting him and engaging in deep conversation while he flirts and laughs is a real winner.

8 Willingly give compliments

An older woman will want to know if you really find her attractive, inside and out. So don't forget to compliment her looks, what you find sexy about her, and her personality.

An older woman may not be sure she has what it takes to keep you satisfied; after all, she won't have the same body as a woman your age. 

So don't forget to tell him what you like about him and do it even after you're in a relationship. We all tend to forget about compliments after we've been together for a while, even when they're needed most!

9 Learn about relationships

Dating a Older Woman Tips

You could be in your forties and dating someone in their fifties or sixties. So you probably have a lot of experience with women and relationships, but if not, read a book. 

Even if you're experienced, reading books or listening to audiobooks about relationships will help you grow and develop. Remember that a relationship dies when it dies. keep learning, keep growing. Keep improving things.

10 Create a life you love

Whether you're dating someone your own age, older, or younger, the life you love is sexy. Fill your journal with things you enjoy. Keep learning and growing and getting out of your comfort zone.


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