Have You Thought Why Friendship Is So Important?

Most people consider a good friend to be the most important person in their life. However, not all friends are good.

Good friends communicate openly. They are usually not shy about telling the truth, even if they think you won't like it. After all, they accept you for you, just as you accept them. You can trust that they will respect your boundaries even if they disagree with each other.

Healthy friendships also involve mutual support, so good friends won't expect you to just help them out. They also support you when they can, even if all they can do is offer a listening ear.

Healthy friendships are also good for your health. So here the question is why friendship is the best relationship?

1. Less loneliness and social isolation

Friendship is best relationship

Loneliness and social isolation can take a toll on mental and physical well-being, and more and more people are feeling lonely these days.

To understand the difference between these concerns, imagine this: Friends help you avoid isolation, but good friends help you avoid loneliness.

Have you ever heard the expression "alone in a crowd"? You can have many friends and still feel lonely even if you are not isolated.

On the other hand, a few close friends can also help you avoid loneliness. And when you feel lonely, you know you can fix it by talking, joking, or spending time with friends.

Distance and other factors can prevent you from seeing each other physically, but knowing that you have a strong relationship can help you feel less alone.

2. Less stress

Everyone faces some kind of stress. It can come in large or small doses, but not as significant as it may seem at first, it can quickly build up and attack you.

You may notice mood symptoms like anxiety, depression, or irritability, but stress can affect you in other ways.

Think about the last time you felt excited or worried about something. You may have mentioned your concern to a friend who listened and helped you find a solution.

When you know you have friends who care and want to help you, potential stressors often don't have a chance to build up and cause significant stress.

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3. Emotional support

Is friendship better than relationship

Emotional support is an important benefit of a relationship.

If you are in a romantic relationship, you can go first with your partner. This is perfectly normal and a romantic partner can really offer comfort and trust. However, they should not be your only source of emotional support.

Relationship experts generally recommend making friends with people other than your partner because it can benefit emotional health and relationship health.

When you and your partner disagree or want to spend time on different hobbies, having friends who share your interests can help you maintain your confidence.

4. Personal development

If you want to make positive changes in your life or have a habit you want to break, a friend can help you stay determined to practice healthier habits. This may be one of the reasons that strong friendships can prolong your life.

Friends can help you change for the better by leading by example. Perhaps your best friend's recent decision to quit smoking inspired you to do the same.

Your friends can also support your decision by making changes with you. For example, if you join the gym or want to start running, a training partner can encourage you to keep doing it until it becomes part of your routine.

No matter what else they do, they'll probably cheer you up. This boost can boost your self-esteem by increasing your chances of succeeding with your goals.

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5. Sense of belonging

We all want to know that we are important to others, that our lives have meaning. In fact, the need to belong ranks third in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, just behind basic needs (think food and shelter) and security needs.

Developing and maintaining close friendships helps foster a sense of belonging.

At the same time, knowing that you have a support network can help you feel more secure in your own life.

Even if your friends are spread across multiple cities, states, or even countries, you still have connections with trusted friends who support you.


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