Important Skills for Long Distance Couples

While the qualities and personality traits above are mostly innate and difficult to change, there are also many additional skills you can develop and nurture to make your long-distance relationship work and stronger:


Long distance relationship can work

You need to be able to discuss your needs and express your fears and concerns directly and quickly with your partner before they take hold and lead to resentment. Be open to what happens to you.

Proactivity and openness: When you let things go, distance can increase insecurity and fear because it can falsely emphasize the positive aspects of the relationship.


It is not that one owes the other the negative effects of distance. Both accepted the relationship on these terms.

However, because spending less time together can have an impact, it's important to plan together how to balance this with positive intimacy.

This can sometimes be a spectacular move. But it's more sustainable if it's honest and trustworthy, like a ritual you do when you get home, like a first weekend "just for us."

Reliable contact: 

Long distance relationship can work

Distance can make contact difficult. The time zone or battle zone may bother you. Be as open as possible about what works for you and be flexible if it fails sometimes.

As paradoxical as it sounds, allow for spontaneity: an unexpected phone call and a small unexpected gift can get you talking.

Willing to negotiate new routines when old ones no longer work. If you initially agreed to call at 6 p.m. every night, you can feel very calm. But after a while, you may feel annoyed by the violence.

Dealing with anxiety with flexibility: 

There are many trips on the way home. If you are two independent people, instead of throwing yourself into a passionate embrace, you may find yourself in conflict for the first few days.

You may need to "warm up" the relationship again. Incorrect online discussions can be edited first. You may feel like your partner is interfering with your independent routine, or you may feel like a "backup" when you arrive.

Don't take this feeling as a bad sign; They could be your way of establishing a partner again. You need a strategy that suits your style and doesn't judge what's going on between you based on what you see as reconciling stereotypes.

In the global economy and uncertain times we live in now, couples are more likely to go through separate phases than at any other time in history.


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