What are the Signs of Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love sign

In love, you have to be able to tell the difference between love and falling in love. Infatuation is often unhealthy and is usually one-sided.

Love is more balanced and reflects shared feelings. However, unconditional love is on another level. Unconditional love and conditional love are two very different things.

Having conditional love for your partner means that some external factor can influence how you feel about them and potentially change your relationship.

This could mean falling in love with him when your partner is too busy with work or other aspects of his life and can no longer spend much time with you.

But what is unconditional love, when it comes to unconditional love, nothing else matters. No matter what you two are going through in your life, you know that you will always have each other.

There are no external conditions or factors that can affect how you feel about each other.

Even when there is turmoil outside of your relationship, you always find balance and harmony with each other.

1. Feel good

What Unconditional Love Means

If your relationship only feels good in your heart, it's probably because you feel unconditional love.

When you see your partner for the first time, do you know that he is special? Are you still excited every time you walk through the door?

Did you know that your relationship will last a lifetime? If so, it could be unconditional love.

If your relationship feels like it should, it probably is. If you can see that person forever, that is true love.

2. You tell them everything

If you feel comfortable enough with this person to share even your deepest secrets, then it could be true love.

You can't have that kind of relationship with everyone. So if you trust them enough to reveal your innermost self, you have found something special.

If you tell this person all your secrets without feeling anxious or uncomfortable, chances are you are.

If this person accepts you no matter what you tell him about your past, then you are the perfect match and he loves you unconditionally.

3. They tell you that they are proud of you

What Unconditional Love Means

When your partner takes the time to tell you that they are proud of you, it is a sign of something special.

No matter what you achieve in life, even if it is something small, your partner is always by your side to greet you and let you know that they are proud of you. They are always by your side and your biggest cheerleader.

Unconditional love means being proud of each other. When your partner loves you unconditionally, they will show it when it really matters.

When you get a promotion or a college degree and your partner has tears in their eyes, it's a sign of unconditional love.

4. They make you feel special 

If your partner makes you feel special with a small gesture of kindness or a kind word, it is a sign that he loves you unconditionally.

Your partner recognizes everything you do and appreciates you. This will make you feel happier in your relationship.

They make you feel special and unique in the world.

You can build your relationship on that strength so it keeps getting better. Never forget to make a special event, no matter how small.

5. You resolve your issues together

Every couple argues and contradicts each other from time to time. This is not something that can be avoided.

In a particular relationship, however, it depends on how you handle disputes and disagreements.

If you are able to resolve the situation calmly and without turning into grudges, it is a sign that you love each other unconditionally.

Both are always willing to discuss and see the other's point of view to resolve their differences.

You can always compromise and you don't have to worry about disagreements that will cause serious problems in your relationship.


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